Native Ads Best Examples

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Online marketing platforms that actually specialise in native advertising are called “native ad”. There are different types of native advertisements to use depending on what content you want to publish and where you want to publish it. In this article, I have been discussed few of them.

 Print advertorials:

Print advertorials are widely used which is measure banner ad design cost and actually a form of advertising. In today’s digital world, it may seem like that print media has gone by the wayside, but I personally don't believe it. Because take a look at your email inbox each morning and be honest, are could you open each message that comes your way? With so many emails streaming into our inboxes, I think consumers are now welcoming the opportunity to open their mailbox and hold a printed piece in their hands. It’s really a suitable time to be taking advantage of print and also implementing direct mail campaigns as a part of your marketing mix.

 Banner advertorial:

Currently, you might have no doubt that noticed the large number of banner ads at the top, sides or bottoms of many commercial websites. The majority of these banner owners have paid for and also established some kind of synergistic banner exchange link for their ad placement. For example, there are two primary categories of banner advertising, such as free banner exchanges and paid banner advertising. Including a banner, a site can provide you only guarantee that people will see your ad. There have no guarantee that anyone will read your content and click through to your site. So, if you want to increase your click-through, you have to develop most attractive and effective banner advertising that can motivate the people to see your site.

 Mobile marketing:

Mobile marketing is marketing method with a mobile device. For example, smartphone. This method can provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalised information that promotes good services and ideas. Mobile media is a traditional advertising method, which is entering a significant phase-out period and paving the way for native advertising in mobile marketing. Native advertising is growing at an astounding rate and today’s most successful mobile marketers have already made the switch.

 Social advertorial: 

A social advertorial is a form of advertising that relies on social information or networks in targeting, and delivering marketing communications. For example, Facebook and Twitter are the advertising platforms which is involved with targeting and presenting ads based on relationships articulated on those same services. There have no doubt that digital advertising has become a key part of most marketing campaigns. Because Facebook has an estimated 1.3 billion monthly active users along with 930 million daily active users. On Facebook, native ads take the form of a sponsored post. On the other hand, there are 120 million visitors in Twitter that use its social site. On Twitter, promoted tweets are a form of native advertising since they blend in with standard non-promoted tweets.

 Native Video Advertising:

About $5 billion is spent on mobile video ads in the United States alone including native video advertising. This number can be expected to grow by double-digits over the next three years. The market for native videos is huge. But, unfortunately, this is the least understood form of video advertising being used today. However, the good news is that native understanding video is simply a matter of understanding content, placement and headlines.

These are just a few examples of native ads that are available to help you make your content more efficiently.

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